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From the time I was very young, I’ve always been able to “feel” a person. Feeling a person means looking inside, seeing fears, vulnerabilities, wounds, and what makes that person tick. Most importantly, my ability to feel a person means I can relate to that person and understand how that person relates to others. I realize now this is a very special gift that I am excited to share with you.
Words are powerful moving vehicles of human emotion. My passions collide here as a writer and a former professional counselor. I  explore  all relationship issues from my unique perspective as a mom and wife, married to my husband for over twenty years.  Your takeaway: hopefully a few laughs, new perspectives and ways to improve your own relationships.

Professional Biography


M.A. Counseling Psychology
APA American Psychological Association Member
ACA American Counseling Association Member

Heather Heft’s experience as a former Professional Counselor spans several decades and disciplines, but is consistently woven with the same threads: her true love of people and her genuine interest in helping them overcome whatever challenges that life presents.

Heather served as a counselor at Northwestern Human Services, dealing with an array of mental health diagnoses for a wide-reaching demographic. She handled employee assistance program intakes and worked as a crisis counselor for Integra Inc. As a counselor at a Victims’ Service Center, she focused on those dealing with sexual assault and abuse.

Heather’s past private practice focused on her key area of interest:  women and relationships, and fueled her idea to expand her reach in this arena through her blog and additional projects currently in development.

A gifted writer and storyteller, Heather’s portfolio ranges from academic articles
“What Individual Counselors Can Do To Sustain Wellness”, to the PBS Series, “Inspiration” where she served as a writer/producer. Through her own blog and website, Heather is able to combine her unique insights and wisdom gained from her own long-term successful relationship and marriage with her clinical knowledge and expertise.

Her blog posts are the perfect mix of her professional wisdom with her candid, spot-on humorous insights about the daily struggles as well as joy in our primary relationships.