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Through Their Eyes

When I was little my uncle George (who always gave very unique gifts) gave my brother and me some really cool kaleidoscopes for Christmas. I spent the entire trip back from their house in Jersey twisting the lens and making new designs with the tiny flecks of plastic inside. I would pass it to my …Read More

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ripple effect primary

The Ripple Effect

When I was a girl, I loved to play at my best friend’s house. She had this awesome farm on seemingly endless acres along with a pond and a nearby stream where we would spend the majority of our time skipping stones. We’d gather a bunch of rocks and stand by the edge of the …Read More

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It’s No Sacrifice

Whenever someone jams on the brakes in traffic, my husband instinctively reaches across my body, shielding me from any possible harm. I swear, he would jump into a raging fire for me or our girls…sacrificing himself. It’s pure love and entirely selfless. I like knowing that my partner would do that for me as I …Read More

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infertilemyrtle featured

Infertile Myrtle

I tried to occupy myself with packing, but my mind kept turning back to the clock and the phone. We were awaiting the call from our fertility doctor,  letting us know if the years we spent in grueling, humiliating, disruptive (not to mention financially draining) treatments had finally resulted in a pregnancy. Time was crawling. …Read More

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Seasons Change

It’s early February in snowy, icy, and blustery Eastern Pennsylvania where we experience all four seasons in their full glory. February is the armpit of months here.  It is the month I find myself thinking that our retirement to the ocean is way too long to wait.  I really want to run today, but the …Read More

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