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Running Therapy

  I have feet that bear the scars of a ballet dancer. From the ages of three to seventeen, I spent hours on end at the dance studio. My body is still accustomed to motion. It craves it. I require movement…it’s almost as if a little piece of me dies when I am not moving.  …Read More

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The Enemy Within

You know her. She’s really judgmental. She thinks your thighs are too big and she mocks your stretch marks. She compels you to squint into magnifying mirrors and cringes at the idea of public speaking. She thinks you suck at small talk and that you are an impatient parent. She is particularly vicious maybe a …Read More

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Fall In Love With Yourself

It’s mid winter. Sigh. My tan lines are slowly blurring—I stand, post-shower towel wrapped around me, shivering with hair dripping as I ponder my outfit. Standing in front of my full-length mirror, I catch a glimpse of my silhouette as my towel un-tucks and drops to the floor. I am not young anymore—well, outside no—inside …Read More

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

It’s heavy. The breath you take before you leave a long-term relationship. The weight of it can keep you mired down and fixated in a place that no longer suits you or serves you. I believe in long-term relationships, no doubt, but some are simply not meant to be. How then, can you differentiate between …Read More

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