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Through Their Eyes

When I was little my uncle George (who always gave very unique gifts) gave my brother and me some really cool kaleidoscopes for Christmas. I spent the entire trip back from their house in Jersey twisting the lens and making new designs with the tiny flecks of plastic inside. I would pass it to my …Read More

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

It’s heavy. The breath you take before you leave a long-term relationship. The weight of it can keep you mired down and fixated in a place that no longer suits you or serves you. I believe in long-term relationships, no doubt, but some are simply not meant to be. How then, can you differentiate between …Read More

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We Are All Hopelessly Flawed

I have watched “Little Women” more times that anyone I’ll bet. I am mesmerized by the plot, which is laden with resiliency, feminism, strength of family,  and the overwhelming power and beauty of love with a strong appreciation for differences. My all-time favorite line in the movie is delivered by Jo’s older suitor Frederick.  “Jo, …Read More

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