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The Child Within

In  seconds I can be there. I smell the classroom, my Hello Kitty erasers, Elmer’s glue, and the dusty chalk smell that always hung in the air. We are doing the dreaded multiplication game from hell. My palms start to sweat, my heart pounds and my chest tightens. I HATE this game. My internal voice …Read More

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It’s No Sacrifice

Whenever someone jams on the brakes in traffic, my husband instinctively reaches across my body, shielding me from any possible harm. I swear, he would jump into a raging fire for me or our girls…sacrificing himself. It’s pure love and entirely selfless. I like knowing that my partner would do that for me as I …Read More

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Broken Things Are More Beautiful

She entered my therapy office like a dead woman walking. Her face was sullen, blank – empty and her body physically frail. His eyes looked lost – full of guilt, remorse, and bloodshot from lack of sleep. There was a rage humming just beneath the surface, but she was clearly too emotionally exhausted to express …Read More

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Water Regularly

It was an off the hook windy, sunshiney fall Sunday morning and we were lingering in bed. This is the kind of morning that we live for —  a little time to slow down and just be with one another. The little beings (even the furry ones) were all sleeping in. Nobody was asking us …Read More

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Infertile Myrtle

I tried to occupy myself with packing, but my mind kept turning back to the clock and the phone. We were awaiting the call from our fertility doctor,  letting us know if the years we spent in grueling, humiliating, disruptive (not to mention financially draining) treatments had finally resulted in a pregnancy. Time was crawling. …Read More

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Seasons Change

It’s early February in snowy, icy, and blustery Eastern Pennsylvania where we experience all four seasons in their full glory. February is the armpit of months here.  It is the month I find myself thinking that our retirement to the ocean is way too long to wait.  I really want to run today, but the …Read More

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My Other Lover

  Hear that? It’s 11:00 p.m. and a beautiful silence has fallen over our home with both of our girls sleeping away peacefully. They say that someday I’ll miss the noise and I try to believe them, but who are “they” anyway? “Do “they” recall the numbing shrill of tween battles, the endless bickering, the …Read More

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Love Letter To My Daughters

Love. It’s such a small word for such a big thing. My oldest daughter, age twelve, has recently been asking a lot of questions about what it means to love someone, what it means to be loved, and what marriage is all about.  These are the current topics in our household. In turn, I have …Read More

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