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We All Need to Breakup With Adele

If I hear Adele on the radio just one more time I might scream. I am lunging at the dial these days when I hear the first morbid note of Hello. Don’t get me wrong, Adele is a prolific and talented writer and has a powerful, beautiful voice, but right about now we have all …Read More

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Sex and Candy

I find that being a mother and a sexual being is a conundrum. By this, I mean they are a bit like oil and water – a challenging mix of roles.  In our house we have these pocket doors leading into our master bedroom that were not proving to be very “private” at all, so …Read More

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The Courage of Forgiveness

It’s a New Year and I am a lucky woman to be on a plane headed to paradise. There’s nothing like a brand new year and a quiet, long plane ride to make one reflective. It has me thinking about where I have been… Mistakes, lessons, pain, incidents, loss, failures and issues – so much …Read More

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landmines primary

Emotional Landmines

It’s a typical Thursday evening. Mayhem has ensued in the homework area while I am cutting up the salad ingredients. Bickering fills the kitchen and my tolerance is rapidly dwindling. “Really,” my little voice inside says. “Why must siblings be so mean? “ Then I think, “Is it a hazing type of thing? Breaking one …Read More

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The Ripple Effect

When I was a girl, I loved to play at my best friend’s house. She had this awesome farm on seemingly endless acres along with a pond and a nearby stream where we would spend the majority of our time skipping stones. We’d gather a bunch of rocks and stand by the edge of the …Read More

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Our Own 50 Shades of Grey

“It’s grey today,” I murmur as I wrestle with my bra clasp and rummage through my underwear drawer, scavenging for something lacy, bright and racy to offset the grey. He’s in his bathroom and I’m in mine. His mouth is full of toothpaste as he gurgles back,  “Yes indeed, my dear.”  He always calls me …Read More

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